Requesting a Commissioned Painting

Do you have a favorite plant, maybe a spring ephemeral or summer perennial that you would like to enjoy year round? Some of the artists whose work is in our book, American Botanical Paintings: Native Plants of the Mid Atlantic, as well as those shown in our website gallery, also enjoy working on commission.

To see just some of the art and styles available, browse our Gallery.

To contact an artist please use the Contact Us form. We will pass along your inquiry to whichever artist you are interested in.

Guidelines for Commissioning an Artist

We recommend reading the excellent article, "How to Commission an Artist", by ArynChris of Deviant Art.

…many people who want to commission an artist have no experience doing so, and it's not as easy to find instructions on it as, say, how to draw anime eyes. That's why I'm making this guide.

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