November Class in Botanical Art

Anne-Marie Evans MBE will return to Falls Church after Thanksgiving to teach a one-week class (Nov.28 – Dec 2). To sign up or get more details, contact us through the BAEE website.

Photo of a book cover.
Book cover for "An Approach to Botanical Painting" by Evans and Evans.

Anne-Marie Evans is one of the world’s foremost teachers of botanical art. Over many years, she has developed her own 6-step method of creating lovely watercolors. She and her husband, Donn, wrote a book called An Approach to Botanical Painting that describes her method. Unfortunately, the book is out of print, but if you ever find one, buy it quickly, as it is quite valuable.

Painting of a salmon-colored tulip with the bulb.
Tulipa (tulip) © Bonnie Driggers

Anne-Marie concentrates on helping students create scientifically accurate and aesthetically pleasing pictures. Her classes are like none others. She is a virtual dynamo and rarely sits down, but goes constantly from student to student advising on their work. Although most of the time is spent with students doing hands-on work, she sometimes uses slides from her extensive teaching experience to illustrate important concepts of drawing and painting, such as composition, aerial perspective, and three-dimensionality.

Although this is a one-week class, our goal will be to complete a small painting using the 6-step method. We will consult with Anne-Marie to select the subject plant and let everyone know so that that drawings can be started ahead of class time. The main prerequisite is drawing ability. It helps to have had some botanical watercolor classes or experience.

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Bonnie is on the Board of Directors of the American Society of Botanical Artists (ASBA). She is a member of the Botanical Artists of the National Capital Region (BASNCR), Immediate Past President of the Botanical Artists for Education & the Environment (BAEE), and Editor of the BAEE book American Botanical Paintings: Native Plants of the Mid Atlantic.