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June 2015 — This website won an Excellence Award in the 2015 APEX® Awards for Publication Excellence in the category of "Websites – 1-2 Person-Produced".

APEX 2015 award logo

Screen capture of part of the BAEE home page as of June 2015 when judged
Screen capture of the first design for the website in June 2015 the day it was judged.
The Twenty-Seventh Annual Awards for Publication Excellence, APEX 2015, is a competition for communications professionals. The awards are based on excellence in graphic design, editorial content, and the success of the entry in achieving overall communications effectiveness and excellence. APEX awards of Excellence recognize exceptional entries in each of the individual categories.

A total of 1,851 entries were evaluated. Of those entries, 82 APEX Grand Awards were presented to honor outstanding work in 11 major categories; and 749 APEX Awards of Excellence recognize exceptional entries in 100 individual categories.

June 2015 — The Botanical Artists for Education & the Environment (BAEE) is happy to announce that the BAEE website was given a Merit award in the Society for Technical Communication (STC) 2014-2015 International Summit Awards (ISA) competition!

Graphic icon for the STC International Summit Awards

Merit: — An entry that wins a Merit award consistently meets high standards in most areas. The entry might contain a small number of major or minor flaws, but it still applies technical communication principles in a highly proficient manner.

Contributors: Cynthia A. Lockley & Bonnie S. Driggers.

Screen capture of part of the BAEE home page Feb 2015 when judged
Screen capture of the BAEE website the day it was judged with information about the U.S. Botonic Garden exhibition.

March 2015 — The BAEE website, American Botanical Paintings: Native Plants of the Mid Atlantic is awarded a Distinguished Technical Communication award in the 2014 Society for Technical Communication (STC) Washington, DC-Baltimore Chapter's Summit Competition for Technical Communication.

STC WDCB Competiton Award badge 2014-2015

An entry that wins an award of Distinguished Technical Communication is clearly superior in all areas. The entry contains no major flaws and few, if any, minor flaws. It applies the principles of technical communication in an outstanding way, particularly the way that it anticipates and fulfills the needs of its audience.

STC 2014 Handbook for Judges

Last modified: July 4, 2017
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