Art Class by Anne-Marie Evans

From September 21 through October 2, a group of 14 botanical artists met in Falls Church, VA, for classes taught by Anne-Marie Evans of Stamford and London, England. Anne-Marie has been coming here to teach since 2007, and her classes are hugely popular.

Photo of Anne-Marie Evans teaching a class.
Anne-Marie Evans teaching a class on composition.

We painted asters and blue sea thistles (Eryngium), both of which were challenging subjects. In addition, some attendees worked on paintings to be exhibited in England in 2016 at the opening of the newly renovated Garden Museum in South Lambeth, UK, near the site of the home and garden of John Tradescant (c 1570-1638) and his son, also named John (1608-1662). Both men were gardeners and collectors of curiosities and importers of exotic plants. Tradescant the Elder produced a small manual of painted fruits, “The Tradescant Orchard.” The fruits painted in this book are the inspiration for the current project that will feature modern botanical paintings of fruits alongside prints from the Tradescant catalogue.

Photo of class participants with Anne-Marie Evans
Botanical art class with Anne-Marie Evans and students. Front: Shante Marahaj; left to right: Judy Rodgers, Karen Ringstrand, and Anne-Marie Evans.

Photo of Anne-Marie Evans demonstrating something to Eileen Malone-Brown.
Anne-Marie Evans with Eileen Malone-Brown in a class

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Bonnie is on the Board of Directors of the American Society of Botanical Artists (ASBA). She is a member of the Botanical Artists of the National Capital Region (BASNCR), Immediate Past President of the Botanical Artists for Education & the Environment (BAEE), and Editor of the BAEE book American Botanical Paintings: Native Plants of the Mid Atlantic.